Alcune proprietà e applicazioni delle equazioni delle equazioni differenziali con deviazioni nell'argomento

[Some Aspects and Economic Applications of Delay Differential Equations]

Ricerche Economiche, XXXVIII:4, October-December 1984, pp. 613-628


This paper discusses certain features of ordinary differential equations with delayed arguments, which in their linear form have had interesting applications in trade cycle analysis.

In particular, the author concentrates on some results regarding the asymptotical behaviour and the necessary and sufficient stability conditions of Euler's solution for linear equations.

The history of the application of this class of functional equations, characterized by larger generality than differential or difference equations alone, shows that there are aspects requiring (and worth) further inquiry. For instance, the author tells us, it would be of great interest to try to describe business fluctuations by means of nonlinear mixed equations, in spite of their formal difficulties.