A self-introductory statement


I am an independent researcher in the history of economic thought, based in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. I am interested in the origin and development of 'formal' economic dynamics, and in the birth and development of the theories of crises and business cycles.

I have worked on Michal Kalecki's notion of dynamics in its relation to mechanics and dialectical materialism, on the rhetorics of Richard M. Goodwin's earliest attempt to introduce non-linear dynamics into economics, and on the origin and development of Roy F. Harrod's notion of dynamics. I have edited Harrod's inter-war papers and correspondence, and am currently working on issues related to the history of crises and business cycle theories. I have also written on Tugan-Baranowsky, Mentor Bouniatian, Clément Juglar, and on some very early episodes in the theories of crises (John Wade, Anthony Lawson and William Huskisson). I also and have inquired on the historiography on cycles and crises theories.

I am presently editing the correspondence concerning the making of Haberler's Prosperity and Depression (1937), and a book on the entries on crises and cycles in encyclopedias and specialised economic dictionaries, and am doing some more work on the writings on crises in the nineteenth century.