Crises and cycles in dictionaries and encyclopedias

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Contributors - Abstracts

Part 1: Introductory

1. Introduction (Daniele Besomi)
2. A brief history of economic dictionaries. An essay in bibliography (Daniele Besomi)
3. Naming crises. A note on semantics and chronology (Daniele Besomi)
4. Dictionary reconstructions of the history of the theories of crises and cycles. A meta-taxonomy (Daniele Besomi)

Part 2: classic dictionaries

5. Between progress and decline: crises in early French dictionaries and encyclopedias (1830–1840) (Ludovic Frobert)
6. The analysis of crises in early French dictionaries and encyclopedias (Daniele Besomi)
7. Wilhelm Roscher’s crises theory: from production crises to sales crises (Harald Hagemann)
8. Charles Coquelin: Banking monopoly and commercial crises (Daniele Besomi)
9. Commercial Crisis and Credit in the First Spanish General Encyclopaedia (1851–1855) (Jesus Astigarraga & Juan Zabalza)
10. Expectations and crises in Auguste Ott’s Dictionnaire des sciences politiques et sociales (1854) (Daniele Besomi)
11.Gerolamo Boccardo on internally generated commercial crises (1857) (Daniele Besomi)
12. Clément Juglar 1863/1891: tracking and interpreting the periodic return of crises (Cécile Dangel-Hagnauer)
13. Henry D. Macleod’s Dictionary of political economy: Britain’s first aborted attempt (Cécile Dangel-Hagnauer)
14. Adolf Wagner: Economic Crises, Capitalism and Human Nature (Vitantonio Gioia)
15. Emile de Laveleye. Economic crises, Christianity and socialism (Ludovic Frobert)
16. Crises and related entries in Palgrave’s Dictionary of political economy, 1894-99 (Pascal Bridel)
17. From Crises to Cycles: Tugan-Baranovsky and the Brockhaus-Efron (1895–1915) (François Allisson)
18. Heinrich Herkner: Inequality of income distribution, overcapitalisation and underconsumption (Harald Hagemann)
19. Wilhelm Lexis on Crisis and Overproduction (Harald Hagemann)
20. Arthur Spiethoff: from economic crises to business cycle theory (Vitantonio Gioia)
21. Koynus’s ‘Economic conjuncture’ in the Granat encyclopedia (Vincent Barnett)
22. W.C. Mitchell, A. Burns and T. Haavelmo on Business Cycles: the two Encyclopaedias of the Social Sciences (1930-1935 and 1968) (Francesco Asso and Luca Fiorito)
23. Tinbergen on dynamics and conjuncture in Stridiron’s Bedrijfseconomische Encyclopedie (Peter Rodenburg)

Part 3: Recent dictionaries

24. Nikolai Kondratiev and long waves in recent dictionaries and encyclopaedias (Francisco Louçã)
25. Political Business Cycles (Jan-Peter Olters)
26. Nonlinear business cycles in recent dictionaries (Giorgio Colacchio)
27. Real business cycles in recent dictionaries (Marc Pilkington)
28. Back to crises. Post-War dictionaries and the resilience of an old category (Daniele Besomi and Giorgio Colacchio) (Daniele Besomi and Giorgio Colacchio)

29. Bibliography of specialised dictionaries of economics and related subjects (also including the general encyclopedias cited in the text) (Daniele Besomi)

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