Dictionary entries on crises and cycles

The following list includes, and links to, the dictionary entries on crises and cycles published more than 70 years ago (and therefore supposedly in the open domain) cited in the volume on Crises and cycles in dictionaries and encyclopedias. It also includes links to later dictionaries available on the web (some accessible to subscribers only), and to a few entries not cited in the volume but of some relevance to its subject matter. These entries are offered as a complement to the volume, in order to enable readers to verify citations and translations and to further explore the contents of the entries cited.

The list is arranged alphabetically by dictionary title.

ABC der Volkswirtschaft (Thalheim and Grosse, 1934)
Konjunktur und Krise

Bluntschli’s Staatswörterbuch in drei Bänden (Bluntschli and Löning, 1869–1872)

Brockhaus-Konversationslexikons (1882-87)

Brockhaus-Konversationslexikons (Grösse Brockhaus, 1928-35)

Commercial dictionary (Montefiore, 1803)
Bank of England

Concise encyclopedia of economics (Henderson, 2008)
Bubbles (Steimetz, S. S. C)
Business cycles (C.D. Romer)

Cyclopaedia of political science (Lalor, 1881–84)
Commercial crises

Cyclopaedia of political science (Lalor, 1888-90)
Commercial crises (H. White)
Outlet (J.-B. Say; translation of Say’s entry on Débouchés in Coquelin and Guillaumin)
Over-production (A. T. Hadley)

Cyclopædia, or, an Universal dictionary of arts and sciences (Chambers, 1728)

Deutsches Staats-Wörterbuch (Bluntschli and Brater, 1857)
Handel, Handelspolitik

Dictionary … of commerce and commercial navigation (McCulloch, 1832)
Banks (English private and provincial)
Corn laws and corn trade

Dictionary of political economy (Macleod, 1863)
Consumption (H. D. Macleod)
Credit (H. D. Macleod)
Crisis, commercial (H. D. Macleod)

Dictionary of political economy (Palgrave, 1894-99)
Bubble Act (J. Bonar) (from the 1926 edition)
Bubbles (history of) (J. S. Nicholson) (from the 1926 edition)
Crises 1857–1866–1890 (W. Fowler) (1926 ed.)
Crises, commercial and financial (W. Fowler) (1926 ed.)
Crises, periodicity of (G. H. Pownhall) (1926 ed.)
Débouchés, théorie des (Higgs)
Glut (E. Cannan)
Over-production (F. Y. Edgeworth)

Dictionary of the English language (Johnson, 1755)

Dictionnaire analytique d’économie politique (Ganilh, 1826)

Dictionnaire de l’économie politique (Coquelin and Guillaumin, 1852-53)
Banque (C. Coquelin)
Crédit (C. Coquelin)
Crises commerciales (C. Coquelin)
Débouchés (J.-B. Say)
Progrès industriel (A. Clément)

Dictionnaire de la conversation et de la lecture (1832-55)
Crises commerciales (Charles Lemonnier) (1959 edition)

Dictionnaire des finances (Say, 1889–94)
Crises financières et commerciales (Clément Juglar and Des Essars)

Dictionnaire des sciences politiques et sociales (Ott, 1854)
Crise (A. Ott)

Dictionnaire du commerce, de l’industrie et de la banque (Guyot and Raffalovich, 1898)
Crise (A. Raffalovich)
Surproduction (Y. Guyot)

Dictionnaire général de la politique (Block, 1863–64)
Crédit (J. E. Horn)
Crises commerciales (Clément Juglar)

Dictionnaire général de la politique (Block, 1873)
Crises commerciales (Clément Juglar)

Dictionnaire oeconomique (Chomel, 1732)

Dictionnaire politique (Duclerc and Pagnerre, 1842)
Crise (G. Courcelle-Seneuil) (from the 1860 edition, unchanged)

Dictionnaire universel … du commerce et de la navigation (Guillaumin, 1859-61)
Crises commerciales (J. Garnier) (1863 edition)

Dictionnaire universel des sciences morales, économique, politique et diplomatique (Robinet, 1777–83)

Dictionnaire universel du commerce, de la banque, et des manufactures (Monbrion, 1838-41)
Crise commerciale et industrielle (Monbrion)

Dizionario della economia politica e del commercio (Boccardo, 1857-63)
Crisi (G. Boccardo)

Dizionario di politica (Partito Nazionale Fascista, 1940)
Crisi economica (F. Vinci)

Dizionario universale di economia politica e di commercio (Boccardo, 1875-77)
Crisi (G. Boccardo)

Dizionario universale di economia politica e di commercio (Boccardo, 1881-82)
Crisi (G. Boccardo)

Enciclopedia bancaria (Confederazione Fascista delle Aziende del Credito e della Assicurazione, 1942)
Ciclo economico (G. Masci)

Enciclopedia delle scienze sociali (Bedeschi 1991-2001)

Cicli economici (T. Cozzi)Crisi economica e finanziaria (P. Ciocca)

Enciclopedia del negoziante
(Antonelli, 1841)
Crisi commerciali e industriali
(translation of Monbrion)

Enciclopedia economica (Predari, 1860)
Crisi commerciale

Enciclopedia italiana di scienze, lettere ed arti (1929-39)
Crisi economiche (R. Bachi)

Enciclopedia moderna (1851–55)
Bancos de descuento
Bancos extranjeros
Crisis comercial
Economía política
Puertos francos

Ènciklopedicheskij slovar’ (Brockhaus-Efron, 1890-1907)
Economic crises (Tugan-Baranowsky)

Ènciklopedicheskij slovar’ (Newl Brockhaus-Efron, 1911-16)
Economic crises (Tugan-Baranowsky)

Encyclopaedia Americana (Lieber, 1829-35)
Credit (1838 edition)

Encyclopaedia of the social sciences (Seligman, 1930–35)
Bubbles, speculative (W. L. Thorp)
Business cycles (W. C. Mitchell)
Conjuncture (S. Kuznets)
Credit (R. G. Hawtrey)
Crises (J. Lescure)
Overproduction (A. Spiethoff)

Encyclopædia Britannica (1824 supplement)
Banking (J. Mill)

Encyclopædia Britannica (1838)
Paper-money, Banks (J. R. McCulloch)

Encyclopædia Britannica (online edition, 2011)
Business cycle (Henry Guitton)

Encyclopedia of banking and finance (Munn, 1924)
Business cyle

Encyclopedia of banking and finance (Munn, 1927)
Business cyle

Encyclopedia of social reform (Bliss, 1897)
Crises (commercial and monetary)

Encyclopédie des gens du monde (1833-44)
Crise commerciale (J. A. Blanqui)

Encyclopédie du commerçant. Dictionnaire du Commerce et des marchandises (Guillaumin, 1837-39)
Crédit (Michel)
Crise commerciale (Michel)

Encyclopédie du dix-neuvième siècle (1838-53)
Credit (De Lencisa)
Crise commerciale (C. Dupin)
Malthus (A. Ott)

Encyclopédie oeconomique (de Félice, 1770-71)
Cycle ou Cicle

Encyclopédie pratique du commerce, de l’industrie et de la finance (Gilis, 1907-08)

Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers (Diderot and d’Alembert, 1751-72)

Entsiklopedicheskii slovar’ Russkogo Bibliograficheskogo Instituta Granat (1910-48)
Economic conjuncture (A. Konyus)

Gegenwart. Eine encyklopädische Darstellung der neuesten Zeitgeschichte für alle Stände (Brockhaus, 1848-56)
Die Productionskrisen mit besonderer Rücksicht auf die letzten Jahrzehnte (Roscher)

Grande dizionario enciclopedico (1933-39)
Crisi economiche (Momigliano)

Grande Encyclopédie (1886-1902)
Crise (Emile de Laveleye)

Handwörterbuch der Arbeitswissenschaft (Giese, 1927-30)
Konjunktur und Konjunkturforschung
Krise und Arbeit (dynamisch dargestellt)

Handwörterbuch der Betriebswirtschaft (Nicklisch, 1926-28)
Konjunktur und Krisen (H. Felden)

Handwörterbuch der Betriebswirtschaft (Nicklisch, 1939)
Wirtschaftsschwankungen (C. Ruberg)

Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften (Conrad et al., 1890-95)
Krisen (H. Herkner)
Überproduktion (W. Lexis)

Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften (Conrad et al., 1898-1901)
Krisen (H. Herkner)

Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften (Conrad et al., 1909-11)
Ernten (Erntzyklus und Wirtschaftszyklus) (
Krisen (Herkner)
Ueberproduktion (Lexis)

Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften (Elster, 1923-29)
Konjunkturforschung und Konjunkturpolitik (A. Müller-Armack)
Krisen (A. Spiethoff)

Handwörterbuch der Volkswirthschaftslehre (Rentzsch, 1866)
Krisen (A. Wagner) (1870 edition)

Handwörterbuch des Bankwesens (Palyi and Quittner, 1933)


Handwörterbuch des Kaufmanns (Bott, 1925-26)
Konjunktur (Arndt)
Krisen (Arndt)

Johnson’s new universal cyclopædia (1893-97)
Commercial crises (T. Hadley)

Meyers Konversationslexikon (1839-52)

Meyers Konversationslexikon (1885-92)

Meyers Konversationslexikon (1893-1901)

Meyers Grosses Konversationslexikon (1902-20)

Nationalökonomie (Theorie u. Geschichte) (Heller, 1926)

New and complete dictionary of arts and sciences (1763-64)

New and complete dictionary of trade and commerce (Mortimer, 1766-67)

New encyclopedia of social reform (Bliss, 1908)
Crises (commercial and monetary)

New Palgrave dictionary of economics (Durlauf and Blume, 2008)
Banking crises (C. W. Calomiris)
Bankruptcy, economics of (Bris, A.)
Bubbles (Markus K. Brunnermeier)
Bubbles in history (Charles P. Kindleberger)
Business cycle measurement (Don Harding and Adrian Pagan)
Chaotic dynamics in economics (J. Benhabib)
Cobweb theorem (B. P. Pashigian)
Credit cycle (P. Bridel)
Currency crises (G. L. Kaminsky)
Currency crises models (C. Burnside, M. Eichenbaum, S. Rebelo)
Economic growth nonlinearities (Tan, C. M.)
Great Depression (mechanisms) (L. E. Ohanian)
Great Depression, monetary and financial forces in (S. Chatterjee and P. D. Corbae)
Great depression (P. Temin)
Growth and cycles (G. Barlevy)
International real business cycles (M. J. Crucini)
Kondratieff cycles (S. N. Solomou)
Kuznets swings (S. N. Solomou)
Monetary business cycle models (sticky prices and wages) (C. J. Erceg)
Monetary business cycles (imperfect information) (C. Hellwig)
Multiplier-accelerator interaction (A. Medio)
Political budget cycles (A. Drazen)
Political business cycles (A. Drazen)
Real business cycles (Ellen R. McGrattan)
Speculative bubbles (M. A. Iraola and M. S. Santos)
Trade cycle (A. Medio)
Tulipmania (Garber, P.)
Underconsumptionism (M. Schneider)

New Palgrave dictionary of economics (Eatwell et al., 1987)
Depressions (S. Pollard)
Bubbles (C. P. Kindleberger)
Business cycles (M. Dotsey and R. C. King)
Cobweb theorem (B. P. Pashigian)
Credit cycle (P. Bridel)
Crises (P. Kenway)
Financial crisis (C. P. Kindleberger)
Growth and cycles (R. M. Goodwin)
Kondratieff cycle (S. N. Solomou)
Kuznets swings (S. N. Solomou)
Long cycles (J. Cornwall)
Long swings in economic growth (C. Freeman)
Multiplier-accelerator interaction (A. Medio)
Political business cycle (F. van der Ploeg)
Predator-prey models (R. M. Goodwin)
Stagnation (J. Steindl)
Trade cycle (A. Medio)
Tulipmania (G. A. Calvo)
Underconsumptionism (M. Schneider)

Nouveau dictionnaire d’économie politique (Say and Chailley, 1891-92)
Crises commerciales (Clément Juglar)

Nouveau dictionnaire d’économie politique (Say and Chailley, 1900-01)
Crises commerciales (Clément Juglar)

Nuova enciclopedia italiana (1875-88)
Crisi commerciale (abriged translation of Blanqui’s 1836 entry)

Nuova enciclopedia popolare italiana (1841-49)
Crisi commerciale (translation of Blanqui’s 1836 entry)

Nuova enciclopedia popolare italiana (1856-75)
Crisi commerciale (abriged traslation of Banqui’s 1836 entry)
Nuova enciclopedia popolare italiana (1875-88)
Crisi commerciale (further abriged traslation of Banqui’s 1836 entry)

Petit dictionnaire politique et social (Block, 1896)
Crises commerciales (condensed version of Juglar’s 1873 entry)

Pierers Universal-conversations-lexikon (1857-66)

Pierers Universal-conversations-lexikon (1888-93)

Pitman’s Business Man’s Encyclopaedia and dictionary of commerce (Cole 1927)
Commercial crisis

Pitman’s businessman’s guide (Slater, 1907)

Political dictionary (Long, 1845–46)
Demand and Supply

Politisch-wirtschaftliches Konversations-Lexikon (Groth and Bayer, 1911)

Politisches Handwörterbuch (Herre and Jagow, 1923)

Popular encyclopaedia (Whitelaw, 1834–1842)

Staats- und Gesellschafts-Lexikon (Wagener, 1859-67)

Staatslexikon (Bruder and Bachem, 1889-97)
Krisen (Stieve)

Staatslexikon (Bruder and Bachem, 1908-11)
Krisen (Wellstein)

Staatslexikon (Sacher et al., 1929)
Konjunktur u. Krisen (O. Weinberger)

Staats-lexikon. Encyklopädie der sämmtlichen Staatswissenschaften für alle Stände (Rotteck and Welcker, 1856-66)
Handelskrisis (H. Cohen)

Standard library cyclopaedia of political, constitutional, statistical & forensic knowledge (Knight, 1848–49, 1853–60)
Demand and Supply

Vocabulaire économique et social (Action populaire, 1909)

Vocabulario de la economia (Piernas y Hurtado, 1877)
Crísis económicas

Wörterbuch der Volkswirtschaft (Elster, 1898)
Krisen (Lexis)

Wörterbuch der Volkswirtschaft (Elster, 1906-07)
Krisen (Lexis)

Wörterbuch der Volkswirtschaft (Elster, 1909-11)
Krisen (Lexis)
Überproduktion (Lexis)

Wörterbuch der Volkswirtschaft (Elster, 1931-33)
Konjunktur, Konjunkturtheorie (K. Diehl)
Krisen (K. Diehl)

Wörterbuch der Wirtschaft (Bülow, 1936)