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Links on Labour market flexibility ; Lucas , Sargent and Rational expectations ; Supply-side economics , Reaganomics and Martin Feldstein .



Labour Market Flexibility

Labor Market Reforms
The Transformation of the Idea of a Full Employment to a Flexibility Discourse in
Description of a research project at the European University Institute, Florence. Seminars and workshop titles and authors provide a first guide to the literature.
On labour market flexibility in the UK and its implications; RES briefing on 'Nominal Wage Rigidity in the UK' by Jennifer Smith is published in the March 2000 issue of the Economic Journal
Flexible Labour Markets No Solution To Unemployment
RES media briefing on 'The Size and Sources of Economic Rents in a Developing Country Manufacturing Labour Market' by Francis Teal, July 1996 issue of the Economic Journal
Flexibility in the Labor Market
by Dong-Un Park; abstract
Unemployment and Labor Market Flexibility (pdf)
David Kucera (CEPA). Unemployment and External and Internal Labor Market Flexibility: A Comparative View of Europe, Japan, and the United States (working paper @ cepa, October 1998)
Labor Market Reforms
"To regain vitality of our economy, it is essential to increase the flexibility of the labor market and establish stable labor-management relationships"
Downward Price Flexibility and Economic Growth
By Gary North, The Freeman, May, 1971, Vol. 21, No. 5. » liberty heaven
Friedman and The Natural Rate of Unemployment
A Criticism. Iin The Long FAQ on Liberalism (part of Liberalism Resurgent, by Steve Kangas)
Natural rate of unemployment
How has the concept of the natural rate of unemployment been used in Monetarist, New Classical and the New Keynesian models? By James Arnold, @ Economic Research and Analysis
Concept of a 'Natural Rate Unemployment' Is Grossly Inflated
L.A. Times, 4-3-94, ROBERT EISNER


General pages

Lucas (Encyclopædia Britannica)
Robert E. Lucas, Jr.
Associated Press announcement of Nobel award; with picture
Robert LUCAS @ cepa


Autobiography of Robert E. Lucas Jr.
Nobel Prize Internet Archive
The Scientific contributions of R. E. Lucas, Jr.
by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Secondary literature, interview, Resources

Notes on Phillips and Lucas
Lucas: architect of modern macroeconomics (pdf file)
by V. V. Chari, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review, Spring 1999, pp. 2-12.
Robert Lucas Winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Economics - resources
Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Interview with Robert E. Lucas Jr. (The Region, June 1993)
Robert Lucas' original Rational Expectations paper
article in The Region, Dec. 1995
Lucas and the Austrians, by Allin Cottrell
Exogeneity Unveiled: A Critique of the Dynamical Foundations of New Classical Macroeconomics*
by Ghassan Dibeh, Department of Economics, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78713. This paper discusses and critiques different exogenous business cycle theories (RBC, Lucas,..) on both the analytical and foundational grounds.

Rational expectations

by Cloda Lane. Concludes that "... Rational expectations are the best available models that economics has for modelling economic expectations".
Lucas and Rational Expectations
A Critique of the Chicago School of Economics: ROBERT LUCAS AND RATIONAL EXPECTATIONS, in The Long FAQ on Liberalism (part of Liberalism Resurgent, by Steve Kangas)
The Existence of Rational Expectations Equilibrium: A Retrospective
by Beth Allen and James S. Jordan, FRB Minneapolis Research Archive, Staff Report. This paper provides a selective review of theoretical research on the consistency of rational expectations equilibrium and its properties in microeconomic models.
Interview with Thomas J. Sargent (The Region, Dec. 1989)
on Rational Expectations
Boundedly versus Procedurally Rational Expectations
CPM Report No.: 97-30, By: Scott Moss, December 1997. To be published as: Moss, S. (forthcoming). Boundedly versus Procedurally Rational Expectations. In Hallet, H and McAdam, P. (eds.), New Directions in Macro Economic, Kluwer. Modelling, Kluwer.

T. Sargent

Thomas Sargent's Home page @ Hoover Inst.
Interview with Thomas J. Sargent (The Region, Dec. 1989)
Book Review: Sargent, Rational Expectations and Inflation
Reviewed by Ed Green, Senior Research Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Region, Dec. 1997)

Supply side economics

Martin Feldstein

Martin Feldstein - CV
Martin Feldstein home page
includes publications list

Miscellanea on supply-side economics

Supply-side economics (short definition)
by Derek Brown - short definition
Supply Side Economics - Act I: Supply Side Economics in the 1980s
Supply Side Economics: Do Tax Rate Cuts Increase Growth and Revenues and Reduce Budget Deficits ? Or Is It Voodoo Economics All Over Again? by Nouriel Roubini, Stern School of Business, New York University, 1997. With other links
Supply Side Economics - Act II: The Return of Voodoo Economics in the 1990s
Supply Side Economics: Do Tax Rate Cuts Increase Growth and Revenues and Reduce Budget Deficits ? Or Is It Voodoo Economics All Over Again? by Nouriel Roubini, Stern School of Business, New York University, 1997. With other links.
Supply side economics (short criticism, based on Fed policy)
The Rise of Supply-Side Economics
A critical overview, by Steve Kangas (pages on Liberalism Resurgent)
A Walk on the Supply Side
by Raymond J. Keating. Reprinted with permission from The Freeman, a publication of the Foundation for Economic Education, Inc., May 1995, Vol. 45, No. 5. (@ libertyheaven)
Plugging in the supplyside
Plugging In The Supply Side: A Twenty-Year Retrospective. By Jack Kemp, Co-director Empower America, before the Joint Economic Committee, 9 March 2000
Supply-Side University
Say's Law and Supply Side Econ.-an apology
Say's law is correct, and so is supply side economics! By Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D.
Taxes, Revenues, and the "Laffer Curve"
JUDE WANNISKI, Associate Editor, The Wall Street Journal, JUNE 1978. Supply-Side University, Spring Semester 1999: Lesson #3
A Basic Introduction To Economics (Supply & Demand And The Laffer Curve)
by Chris Bolton


Where Reagan Went Wrong
by Mike Noble
Reaganomics - Its Remarkable Results
Murray Weidenbaum, chairman of the Center for the Study of American Business at Washington University in St. Louis, served as chairman of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers, 1981-82. Christian Science Monitor, 18 Dec. 1997
Reaganomics: What Worked? What Didn't?
Lawrence Kudlow participated in development of federal economic and budget policy as associate director for economics and planning in the Office of Management and Budget during Ronald Reagan's first term as president.

Schools of thought


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