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Links for economists and historians of economic thought

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Schools of thought

Links on Mercantilism , Mandeville , Physiocracy and Natural Law



General pages

Mercantilism (Encyclopædia Britannica)
Mercantilism Princeton Economic Institute History of Economic Throught
short site (not much in it)
Mercantilism reappraised, by Muireann A. Kelliher
In this essay, Muireann A. Kelliher revisits Mercantilism and argues that the theories and policies of the time were a rational response to the prevailing economic conditions and in fact led to the circumstances upon which classical theory grew


barbon - Biography (new Palgrave)
Botero - biography (Pantaleony, New Pal)
Aubrey: Petty - biography
Davenant - biography

Secondary Literature

BEVAN on Petty
Hull on Petty

Texts (mercantilists)

Botero - greatness of Cities
Botero - cities (Alt UK)
Petty - taxes
Petty - political Aritmetik
Petty - Quantulumcunque
D'Avenant - essay on east-india trade
Child - Observations concerning trade
North: discourses upon trade
Barbon - a discourse of trade
Barbon - discourse on trade (alt1)
Barbon - trade (alt2)
Law - Mé koire pour prouver
McKay: the mississipi scheme
Mun - treasure.txt
Law - Money and trade considered
Misselden -freetrad.txt


Mandeville Bibliography (Prior)
Hutcheson on the Fable of the Bees
mandeville - CEPA profile page


hive (1705 ed.)
Fable_of_bees. (excerpt)


General pages

Physiocrats & the Impot unique
Zhang & Sicilian: physiocrats page
cepa Dupont de nemours
cepa: Mirabeau
cepa: Quesnay
cepa: Mercier de la rivière
Les Classiques des sciences sociales: François Quesnay, 1694-1774
With links, texts (including the Le Droit Naturel. (1765), Tableau Economique. (1766)), plus secondary literature



Quesnay - droit naturel - 1765.
Quesnay: Tableau, 1758
Quesnay - tableau, 1759
Quesnay, tableau 1766
Quesnay, Economie animale, 2e ed. 1767


Quesnay bibliography by George Zizka (Bristol)
Quesnay portrait
litograph quesnay
Quesnay - Biographie.
Biographie de Dupont de Nemour (Fr)

Secondary literature

D'Alembert, Eloge de M. Quesnay, 15 novembre 1778
Dolster: Quesnay et les lois naturelles filiations et critiques.

Natural Law

General pages

Natural Law and Natural Rights
By James A. Donald
Natural Law (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Natural LAw @ cepa
Natural Law (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
The Basis of Natural Law
by Roderick T. Long. This article was published in the Winter 1996-97 issue of Formulations, a publication of the Free Nation Foundation
Thomas Hobbes and the Invented Tradition of Positivism by James Boyle
This is an essay about the legal theory of Thomas Hobbes and about the things that are revealed when one compares Hobbes's ideas with the main line of legal positivism
Hobbes's argument
Chris Bertram's Political Philosophy Lectures 1999-2000
Thomas Hobbes (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
John Locke (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Pufendorf (Internet Encyclopedia of philosophy)
Origin of property: Grotius, Pufendorf, ...


Locke's "A Letter Concerning Toleration" (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Locke on interest by raising value of money
Locke: Essay human understanding
Hobbes: Natural LAw
Hobbes: Leviathan
Grotius Index @ Macmaster

Biographies & bibliographies

Hobbes - Internet Encyclopedia of philosophy
John Locke (1632-1704), The Philosopher of Freedom.
@ Blupete. Biography, Locke's view on human nature and on the government
Published Works of John Locke
Locke - Selected primary works on economics.

Secondary literature

clarendon on Hobbes's Leviathan
Pollock: Locke's theory of the state

Schools of thought


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